Disposable Paper Air Fryer Liners

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About Disposable Air Fryer Liners
The Bonnie Bio disposable paper air fryer liner products contain no plastic, bleach or chlorine, unlike many other air fryer liners.

These environmentally concious products have been carefully put together to ensure superior cooking results, whilst also considering the environment.

No plastic is used in any of the packaging. Quality air fryer liners have been selected that contain no bleach or chlorine and the wood pulp used to make the paper air fryer liners is Forest Stewardship Council accredited, ensuring responsible and sustainable forestry sourcing and harvesting.

No Plastic, just paper

No plastic packaging on the shelf and on the carton. As we know, plastic creates long lasting pollution. Generally, cheap plastic packaging cannot be recycled either.

No Chlorine or Bleach

If its white, its been bleached. Bleach and Chlorine are not environmentally friendly chemicals.

Vegan Friendly

No animal derivative items or substances have been used in the manufacture of these products.

Saves Water

Using these liners extends the life of your air fryer and saves water as you don't need to clean it as often.


Bonnie Bio air fryer liner products are Kosher, FSC, FDA and SMETA accredited.

Avoid plastic packaging if you can. We do, as there generally are other alternatives
most of the trash that you see in the video is because of plastic packaging
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  • Bonnie Biodegradable (Pty) Ltd, Westlake, Cape Town

What are biodegradable air fryer liners made of?

Biodegradable air fryer liners are typically made from materials like unbleached and chlorine-free parchment paper, bamboo, or other natural fibers.

Are biodegradable air fryer liners safe to use with food?

Yes, biodegradable air fryer liners are food-safe and free from harmful chemicals like PFOA or PFAS. They are an excellent option for health-conscious consumers who want to reduce their exposure to toxins commonly found in non-biodegradable air fryer liners.

Are biodegradable air fryer liners environmentally friendly?

Yes, biodegradable air fryer liners are more environmentally friendly than traditional non-biodegradable liners because they are made from sustainable, natural materials and they break down easily in a compost environment. They create less waste and are more eco-friendly, helping reduce the impact on the environment.

Can biodegradable air fryer liners withstand high temperatures?

Yes, biodegradable air fryer liners are designed to withstand the high temperatures generated in an air fryer. Typically, these liners can be used at temperatures up to 440°F/220 without issue, making them a great option for cooking a wide range of foods.

Are biodegradable air fryer liners affordable?

Yes, biodegradable air fryer liners are generally competitively priced with traditional liners. Some brands may have a slightly higher price point, but many consumers are willing to pay a little extra for products that are better for the environment and safer to use.